Our Company

         Air Flow Products opened in March 1997 with the dream of becoming a manufacturer that could meet the needs of both large and small wholesale suppliers.  The founders of Air Flow Products wanted to build a company that could offer quick service at competitive prices.  The founders also wanted to have the ability to provide wholesalers with that “special item” to help keep their customers happy.

         Today, Air Flow Products Inc. has grown into a leading provider of high quality galvanized sheet metal products for the H.V.A.C. industry.  With a combined experience of over 75 years, the management of Air Flow Products understand the needs of all H.V.A.C. distributors.  We maintain the ability to help wholesalers with that “special item” to keep their customers happy.  We are committed to bringing you a quality product at the lowest possible price.

         Air Flow Products is very committed to it’s corporate responsibility.  As a company driven by core values, our employees demonstrate a commitment to our customers, our community and our planet in every part of our operation.

Prefabricated Pipe, Duct, and Fittings

for Heating and Air Conditioning.

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